Why you should encourage learning using an online gaming platform

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It seems everyone is talking these days about games and gamification strategies to improve training effectiveness. Let’s review the three most fundamental reasons why we should invest effort in the matter:

1.     Build learner motivation: Learning effectiveness is very dependent on the learner’s motivation. The basic idea of using games or game principles (gamification) is to boost motivation. Steve Sims lists three factors in gamification that build motivation: Status, Reputation Cultivation, and Peer Pressure.      

2.     Boost learning effectiveness: Engaged and motivated learners using high quality and fun content within a reward management system results in higher retention over time and more effective learning.  

3.     Facilitate informal learning: By allowing employees to engage in fun, social activities within the context of a game, we actually provide the foundation for peer to peer interaction and learning. We know today that the most effective learning derives from social interaction (see 70:20:10 model). By using games as a platform for social learning, we encourage informal learning along with the rare opportunity to follow and supervise the process. 

An online gaming platform provides all the advantages involved in learning through games while providing management and reporting tools as well as a game creation mechanism.

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